Your complete Africa in Country fully scalable, highly customizable, rules based, enterprise level Payroll & HR software.

Benefits of our services


·         Multiple countries, currencies and legal entities on a single platform.

·         Complex payroll structures, any type of reporting, split costing structures and automated customised journals.

·         Variance reporting to compare any period to any other period for any payroll element.

·         Automated payment processing to employees, creditors and statutory authorities with reconciliation to the General Ledger.

·         Full HR suite with approvals, records and reporting.Employee self-service for records retrieval and personal detail updating.

What we do

Africa HR has extensive experience in the Professional Employer Organiazation (PEO) or Employer of Record activities in more than 40 countries in Africa. This experience has allowed Africa HR to develop an in depth understanding of the particular payroll requirements in each of these countries. As a result, an increasing number of Africa HR clients have requested Africa HR involvement in the outsourced payroll function, even after the client has a physical presence in the country.

This has resulted in the growth of the Africa HR Outsourced Payroll division.  Utilising their understanding of the requirements of each country and their network of “in country” entities and representatives, Africa HR have the ability to handle large outsourced payrolls in each of the African countries.

Payroll processing is done from 1 location with payments made to employees, payroll creditors and regulatory authorities. There is a detailed employee self-service functionality providing everything the employee requires, and detailed reporting of the statutory returns filed and the full compliance with the various in country laws.

We offer solutions in the following African Countries

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