Statutory Payments - Accurate, Timely, Compliant.

Eliminate compliance challenges and ensure punctual payments for your employees continent-wide.

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Payroll Compliance in Africa is Our Priority. Our Expertise.

Ensuring your employees are paid correctly and in accordance with African regulations is essential. Compliance needs vary by country, but Africa Payroll Solutions simplifies your processes, ensuring you never have to worry about the risks of incorrect payments.

Income Tax Withholding

We calculate and deduct income tax from employees’ salaries based on the applicable tax rates and regulations no matter where your employees are in Africa.


Social Security Contributions

We ensure compliance by accurately administering and deducting mandatory social security contributions from your  employees’ wages.


Pension Contributions

Facilitate the deduction and submission of employee and employer pension contributions in compliance with in-country pension laws and regulations.

Health Insurance Contributions

We manage the deduction and submission of mandatory health insurance contributions, if applicable, according to the healthcare regulations in each country your team operates in.


Other Statutory Deductions

We also handle deductions for other statutory payments such as unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, or any other levies mandated by local laws.


Payment Processing

We ensure accurate and timely processing of payroll to ensure that employees receive their salaries on time and in compliance with local payment regulations.


Why Trust Africa Payroll Solutions for Your Statutory Payments?


African Expertise at Your Service

With over 14 years of experience in providing payroll services to international clients on the continent, Africa Payroll Solutions has positioned itself as a leader in payroll compliance in Africa. This same expertise is available for you to leverage today to mitigate any compliance risks in Africa.

Constantly up-to-date

Our software solutions are constantly audited by SAGE so that any data sent to you is compliant in accordance with the latest information at all times.

Unwavering Compliance

You can rest assured your operations are always carried out compliantly with our team always overseeing compliance. Go about your business while we handle the challenges of payroll compliance in Africa.


Local Expertise and Support

Our team’s knowledge of the local regulatory landscape allows us to provide you with the necessary support – whenever you may need it. You will be assigned a single point of contact ready to answer your queries at any moment.

Ensure Your Employees are Paid Correctly. No Matter the Currency.

We pay your employees on time, all the time – no matter which currency is involved. Outsource your payroll functions to us while you focus on what’s important – running your business.




Manage Payroll Across More Than 46 African Countries.

You will be assigned a single point of contact for all your needs across Africa.

Say goodbye to long waits and time-wasting back-and-forths. Your dedicated Point of Contact grants you access the information you need anywhere in Africa without any unnecessary hassle. 


We Handle *ALL* Aspects of Payroll Compliance in Africa.

And when we say *ALL*, we mean it. With Africa Payroll Solutions at the helm, you can rest easy knowing that we ensure all your operations are carried out in accordance with Africa’s local laws.

Employee Benefits



Social Security Contributions

Tax Deductions

Filing To Local Authorities

Payslip Creation & Delivery

Onboarding & Offboarding

Navigate Statutory Payments in Africa. Effortlessly.

Call our team today to learn more about the ways we de-risk and facilitate your payroll operations across the African continent.