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From Asmara to Mitsiwa, pay Your Employees in Eritrea in local currency and ensure your operations are carried out compliantly.

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Pay and Empower Your Team in Eritrea.

Stop worrying about paying your employees on time and staying compliant with local regulations. You dream of simplifying your payroll operations in Eritrea – we make it a reality.

Discover our full range of services meant to empower your workforce no matter where they are in Eritrea.


What Do We Do For Your Company in Eritrea?

We Pay Your Talents

We guarantee a precise and timely processing of employee salaries and wages in Eritrea. From Asmara to Mitsiwa, we guarantee your team receives their pay on schedule, every time.



We Handle Tax Filings

We manage tax withholdings and deductions according to local regulations, regardless of where your employees are situated in Eritrea.



We Ensure You Stay Compliant

Ensuring your employees are paid correctly and on time is essential. We guarantee adherence to local labor laws and regulations when you onboard your team on the continent.


We Manage Employee Benefits

We help with benefits enrollment, deductions, and contributions for health insurance and retirement plans, so your team can focus on their work without worry.



We Provide Payroll Reports

We take care of preparing and submitting payroll reports, ensuring all necessary documentation is completed and remittances are made on schedule.





We Empower Your Team

Equip your workforce in Eritrea with our comprehensive ESS (Employee Self Service) portal. They can easily download and manage their payslips, claims, and leave with just a few clicks.


Take Your Business To New Heights in Eritrea.

Connect with our team of payroll experts today and facilitate your operations in Eritrea. We handle all aspects of compliance so you don’t have to.