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Enjoy accurate and timely payroll services with Africa Payroll Solutions. Say goodbye to compliance headaches and the pressure of delivering timely payslips to your team across the continent. We’ve got you covered!

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At Africa HR Solutions, You Are Not Just A Client, You Are A Partner.

At Africa Payroll Solutions, we redefine the client-provider dynamic. Beyond mere transactions, we prioritize partnerships.

We don’t just solve your payroll challenges in Africa; we invest in long-term collaborations by becoming an extension of your existing team.




So How Does It Work?


1. Payroll Setup

We tailor your payroll system to seamlessly fit your unique requirements and regulations, accommodating various payroll cycles with precision.


2. System Testing

Rigorous testing ensures every facet of the payroll system operates seamlessly and with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring smooth and precise functionality across the board.

3. Payroll System Goes Live

Once testing is complete and all checks are in place, your payroll system is ready to go live, enabling smooth operations.

4. Post-Implementation Support

Our team stands ready to assist with any questions or concerns following implementation, providing a seamless transition. Essentially, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact for ongoing support.

5. Stabilization

We monitor your payroll system’s performance, actively seeking areas for improvement. With this proactive approach, we can implement refinements to optimize your payroll operations in Africa.

6. Continuous Improvement

We’re dedicated to refining your payroll system on the long run, adapting to feedback and changing regulations for optimal performance throughout our partnership.

Africa Payroll Solutions, Your Payroll Partner Through and Through.

Implement standardized procedures to guarantee consistency and compliance across diverse regions, minimizing risks and fostering operational unity.




africa payroll

Africa Payroll Solutions, Your Payroll Partner Through and Through.

Our End-To-End Payroll solution involves revamping your payroll model from start to finish, enhancing efficiency and accuracy across the board. Simplify the complexities of payroll and compliance across 46+ countries in Africa so you can focus on what is really important.

Detailed Payroll Reports and Payslip Simulations

Receive complete and accurate payroll reports, offering insights into expenditures, trends, and compliance metrics to inform strategic decision-making.

We also provide payslip simulations to provide clarity and transparency, allowing clients to preview and verify payroll details before finalizing payments.

Payslips Issued Monthly

Late Salary Payments to Date

Why Opt For An Africa-Only Payroll Partner?

With so many Global Payroll partners out there, why would you opt for an Africa-focused company?


Specialized Expertise

Benefit from a payroll partner that possesses in-depth knowledge and specialized expertise in navigating the diverse and dynamic payroll landscape of Africa. Compared to less-focused Payroll Providers, Africa is what we do and we do it well.

Gain an Expert Advisor

As trusted advisors, we thoroughly assess your internal systems to ensure a seamless and compliant integration and optimal performance moving forward. You receive dedicated support and guidance around the clock, ensuring you stay informed and compliant with evolving payroll regulations in each African market.

Seamless Integration in Africa

Enjoy a seamless payroll integration with local systems and practices. Minimize disruptions and streamline your operations across multiple African jurisdictions. We onboard your employees in Africa within days, not weeks.


100% Compliant

With an African-focused company, the chances for mistakes are minimized since we’re experts, ensuring reliable and accurate payroll services tailored to your needs – no matter where on the African continent.

Manage Payroll Across More Than 46 African Countries.

You will be assigned a single point of contact for all your needs across Africa.

Say goodbye to long waits and time-wasting back-and-forths. Your dedicated Point of Contact grants you access the information you need anywhere in Africa without any unnecessary hassle. 


We Handle *ALL* Aspects of Payroll Compliance in Africa.

And when we say *ALL*, we mean it. With Africa Payroll Solutions at the helm, you can rest easy knowing that we ensure all your operations are carried out in accordance with Africa’s local laws.

Employee Benefits



Social Security Contributions

Tax Deductions

Filing To Local Authorities

Payslip Creation & Delivery

Onboarding & Offboarding

Transform Employee Experience With SAGE

Africa Payroll Solutions empowers your workers with cutting-edge payroll ESS (Employee Self Service) powered by SAGE.

Your employees can manage their own personal data through self-service by allowing them to download payslips, access leave management and file expense claims.

Our software solutions are audited for compliance with SAGE standards. We verify their up-to-date status before release to ensure reliability and adherence to local regulations.

Don't Compromise on Payroll Compliance.

Call our team today to learn more about the ways we de-risk and facilitate your payroll operations across the African continent.

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